In 1973, Mr. and Mrs. Belmonte-Useros organized an exhibition in the Gallery “Cueva de la Leña”, as a tribute to the potters of Chinchilla. 104 pieces were brought together for this exhibition, pieces which today are history given the fact that the last potters of this village have stopped their potter’s wheels and extinguished their kilns forever. As this was happening all over Spain, Mr. and Mrs. Belmonte-Useros began to visit potteries, investigating and buying pieces from all over Spain in order to conserve part of this valuable heritage that was disappearing.

The museum houses close to 2000 pieces from more than 500 potters in all of the provinces that presently have or in the past had potteries.

The building, projected by the architect Carlos Belmonte Gonzalez, is a completely new structure, built to respect the aesthetics of the surrounding area. The interior is distributed into six rooms, open and on different levels, thus making it possible to group the pieces together by provinces.